Why you can’t ignore digital marketing for your local business

You have just opened your new clothing store and you want people to know about it. You think of distributing flyers to let the people in the nearby areas be aware that a new store has just opened in the vicinity. Such publicity might work but it has its limitations. You can reach only a few people this way. Moreover, other tactics like a newspaper advertisement are very costly.

As such, in today’s time, you can’t ignore the digital medium when it comes to reaching a large number of people. You might think that only large brands can benefit from digital marketing. But this is not the case; even small and local businesses can make use of digital marketing in order to grow. In fact, these days digital marketing can’t be ignored.

How to perform Digital Marketing for your local clothing store?

Digital Marketing for a local business is done through local SEO. It mainly consists of registering your business on Google My Business pages, Bing Places and keeping your NAPW (Name, Address, Phone, and Website) information up to date. You can also register your website on online business directories etc. This is also known as Citation. Besides, you should try and get as many reviews as possible for Google My Business page as people always look at the reviews before moving ahead. Any quality backlinks are very useful in ranking the website.

Accurate information on Google My Business helps your business show in the local pack or 3 pack. A higher ranking in the local pack can really increase the footfall to your store. It also helps in ranking the page on organic searches.


Let’s now have a look at some more reasons why digital marketing is really beneficial and essential for your local business.

1. Increases the reach of the business

The main aim of any business is to grow and earn more customers. Digital marketing opens the door to reach a lot of customers. These days you can sell anything from goods to services online. With the growing use of the Internet, people also prefer to check out for goods online as it is easily accessible and offers a lot of variety and options to them. Even if they plan to visit your store, they go through the reviews posted by other customers and decide accordingly. Make sure to give answers to the reviews posted by people by thanking those who give a positive review and offering help to those who have posted negative reviews. This will make them rethink about their reviews.

Online presence lets you inform your existing customers about any new products or services. You can also attract new customers by regularly updating your product information. This way, you can not only attract new customers but also encourage repeat buying.

2. Stay ahead of the competition


These days almost all the businesses whether big or small have an online presence. Hence, there is a lot of competition even online. Larger companies have a lot of advertising budget and therefore it is essential to cope up with the competition online. Local SEO can help you do just that. If done properly your local clothing store would be showing in the local pack along with other brands. The key is to provide correct contact information and other details to curb the competition.

You can also expect a higher conversion rate from the leads that you get from local listings as they are people who need what you are selling. This also helps you in coping with competition.

Another important point is that many businesses are still not listed on Google My Business pages. So, listings yours ahead of the others will help you establish online before others even enter.

3. Experiment with Keywords

Keyword research is an integral part of SEO and hence is also important for local SEO. You can experiment with keywords and see which keywords are best suited for your business. You can use these keywords on your website using the proper SEO rules. The more accurately the keywords describe your business, the better. Also, you can experiment with phrase your potential customers would be using to search your business.

The best use you make of the keywords, more the traffic to your website.

4. Win customer’s trust

Your local SEO goes a long way in earning and retaining a customer base. The more accurate the information on the business page with latest photographs, the more the chances of attracting people to your store. If you keep on updating your information online, people begin to trust you. It increases the chances of winning more customers. Getting your business listed on online directories can really help you gain a lot of customers. Many people search these directories for businesses that satiate their needs. If you have listed on these directories and the information is up to date, you can earn a lot of customer’s trust.

5. Be available 24*7

Your traditional marketing tactics to promote your newly opened clothing store can earn you only limited customers. Digital marketing can not only help you win more customers, but it is also cost-effective. When you claim your Google listing, your information is available to the customers at all times. It increases the chances of getting more footfall to your store.

Apart from this if you have an online selling website, your goods and services are available to the customers 24*7. They can shop at their own convenience. Also, you reach much more people than you can with traditional marketing. The best way to connect to customers is when they really need something. If you are able to provide them with what they need in time you can definitely earn many loyal customers. So, digital marketing helps you increase your business at a greater pace.

6. Digital Marketing is here to stay

Digital Marketing is no passing fancy. The Internet is no fad. With the increasing use of smartphones, laptops, and tablets, the internet is now accessible to people more than ever. The use of the internet is also rising constantly. Many people are very busy in their careers so they find it convenient to shop online. Others also prefer to shop online as online shopping offers a lot of options to choose from and many attractive offers which they can’t get in a brick and mortar store.

Another very important thing to be kept in mind is making mobile-centric strategies as most people use their mobile phones these days to access the Internet. They want everything on their mobile screen while on the go. So, it is very important that your website be responsive and all functionality readily available on the mobile phone. A mobile app can also help earn customers.

7. Costs you less than traditional marketing and measurable

Digital Marketing costs way too less than traditional marketing. Local SEO is free and website cost is also one time. The reach of Digital Marketing is more than traditional marketing methods. There are a lot of means to reach people online like Google My Business listing, websites, social media etc. All these means cost less than traditional marketing if you want to reach a lot of people. Digital Marketing also helps to choose your audience so you can reach your target audience which is not possible in traditional marketing. So, you get good value for your money and better ROI.

Another very important benefit that Digital Marketing offers is that it is measurable. You can know who is visiting your website and social media engagements by using analytics. It lets you more accurately target your potential customers thus making better use of your funds. You can also make better marketing strategies based on the analysis.

8. Builds up your reputation as a trusted brand

Local SEO helps to build the brand reputation. If you are able to deliver what you promise to your targeted audience, you will be able to earn many loyal customers. Good service will make people coming back and spread a positive word of mouth. This will help in building a good customer base with good customer relationships. Using Call-to-action on your website can lead to conversions from potential customers.

Digital Marketing can also help your business survive by targeting the right customers. Getting the right customers leads to sales thus ensuring your business’s survival.

Wrapping Up

The above points clearly explain that the Internet is not only confined to the big fish but is for one and all. It provides a very good means to boost your local brick and mortar business. You should not neglect local SEO even if your business is small. These days, people search online first when they want to buy anything or even if they want to visit a store. If you have done your local SEO in the right manner, you can gain a lot of customers via the Internet.

Local SEO is your first step to grow your business. The more updated you are online the more are the chances of getting a good customer base. So, ignoring local SEO in today’s times can have its own repercussions. The times are changing and so must your marketing.

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