Tools To Become An All-Rounder Digital Marketer

You need to know these tools to become an all-rounder digital marketer

In today’s time, only traditional marketing tactics are not enough for your business. With almost people from all age groups using the internet in some way, either from their mobile phones or their laptops, promoting products on the Internet has become the need of the hour.

With digital marketing becoming a necessity these days, there is a great demand for digital marketers by both big and small businesses.

There are many digital marketers today who are experts in certain fields like SEO, Social Media etc. but it really pays to be an expert in more than one fields and more so when you are an all-rounder.

The more you know, the more you are an asset to your organisation. Hence, more are the chances of professional growth.

There are a number of fields you can specialize in as a digital marketer like you could be an SEO expert, a Social Media expert, a Content strategist etc.

But if you have an overall knowledge, you certainly have more chance to grow professionally. This is not as difficult as it may seem. There a lot of tools available to carry out these tasks with ease.

Let’s have a look at some of the areas you can specialise to become an all-rounder.

1. Try your hand at paid social media if you know organic social media

For those of you who aren’t aware of the organic social media, it means posting pictures or comments on the various social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

These social sites do not charge you anything when you are posting or sharing posts. There are a number of tools also available which you can use to schedule and manage posts like Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social etc.

These tools are available for a cost but the data that we share across various platforms is absolutely free. Using these tools helps you manage almost all your social profiles using a single platform.

paid social

Now let’s talk about Paid Social Media. The reach of organic social media is confined to only the friends or the people who are directly connected to your social media account or to the people with whom one of your contacts shares a post.

In order to reach more people, you need to carry out paid marketing which means reaching a lot of people by paying for your advertisement to run on social media. Two tools that you can use for paid marketing are Facebook Power Editor and Nanigans.

Facebook Power Editor helps run large campaigns across Facebook and Instagram. Nanigans supports cross-platform advertising. It is a very useful tool for Facebook remarketing, Instagram and Twitter.

2. Have a shot at designing

You have the urgent requirement to post an ad on Facebook and the designer is not available. Won’t it be great that you were able to create the ad yourself instead of hunting for a designer? Designing is an intricate part of Social Media with almost all the platforms supporting graphics.

There are a number of graphic designing tools available which are extremely easy to use even for those who are not designers.

One of the most popular tools for graphic designing is Canva. Canva provides you with a large number of options to create really effective and good quality graphics.

Then there are Flatpack and Bootstrap Studio. Both these are incredible tools for creating great landing pages. Besides these, there is Marvel which lets you create effective wireframes and prototypes.

3. Earn more customers with display retargeting ads

You must have definitely noticed that sometimes when you visit a site, you still see ads from that site on other sites that you visit.

Such ads are known as Display Retargeting Ads. They are helpful in bringing back the customers who have left the site without performing the desired action like sales.

If the customers are not reminded about the site, they might sometimes forget and never visit the site again. Retargeting ads help the customer remember the brand.


There are a number of tools that you can use to perform retargeting. Adroll is one of the major players in this field.

They have a database of more than 35,000 advertisers. Adroll has been successful in achieving as much as 265% increase in sales for certain clients. You can either create the ad yourself or take the help of Adroll support staff.

Another important name in the field of display retargeting ads is Retargeter. Here you can use any or a combination of services. Similar to Adroll, you can carry out the retargeting yourself or take the help of Retargeter staff.

4. Make your website’s search engine result more informative by using On-page markup analysis

This is a bit technical but a very useful technique. On-page markup lets you add some tags to your HTML and control the way information is displayed in the search engine results.

You can let your users know about your website, what it is about or what the prices of the products are etc. More informative and structured your displayed results are, more are the chances of users clicking on your website.

There is Schema markup for almost everything like events, restaurants, local businesses, movies, products etc.

There are a number of tools available which you can use to perform On-page markup analysis. W3C Validator tool helps you identify the shortcomings in the w3c compliance in the HTML of your website.

Although it is not certain that w3c compliance is a factor in ranking the websites but it certainly lets you create better websites.

Google Page Speed tool gives suggestions regarding faster loading of web pages. The pages which load faster certainly rank higher in the search engine.

Tabifier is another very useful tool which generates tabbed HTML from a very lengthy code which is easy to understand and analyse. Then there is Firebug, which can be used to inspect the markup of any element in the code.

Bing also has a tool called Bing Markup Validator which can be used to perform on-page markup analysis in Bing.

5. Be at the right place at right time with Programmatic Advertising

Media buying is a very important part of advertising as it is the means of reaching the target audience. By using Programmatic Advertising, you can place your ads in the most relevant places like websites etc. in a fraction of seconds.

Thus, it makes the otherwise difficult task of media buying simple. Although it has no direct connection with SEO, yet it is helpful in reaching the right audience which is also the main aim of SEO.

Choice Stream is a very popular tool for Programmatic Advertising. It can process a very large amount of data very quickly and place the ads in the right places.

Rocket Fuel is also another such tool. It uses a technique called Moment Scoring to assess a large amount of user data and place the ads in the most relevant places. is a tool that can use a large amount of unstructured audience data and identify the right audience for the does not use pre-structured data as other tools and this the greatest benefit of this tool.

6. Learn about your website traffic with Website Analytics

It is important to get your website rank higher by SEO but it is also important to analyse the visitors of your website.

Website Analytics provides you with all the statistics of the users who visit your website. This will enable you to formulate and implement better marketing strategies.

Kissmetrics is a very popular tool for performing website analytics. This tool helps track all the stages of the sales funnel.

So, you can get the data about the various activities performed by the users on the website like signing the newsletter or making a purchase.

Google Analytics is a very popular tool these days. You can find the geographical location, age, gender and other demographics of the visitors. You can also find out the device from which they have visited the website and their browser and more.

Adobe Analytics is another tool which offers very deep analytics and lets you respond in real-time. If you have an e-commerce website then Woopra is for you.

Woopra provides detailed analytics of all stages of customer interaction on the website and hence is very useful in analysing cart abandonment reasons.

7. Base your strategies on Customer Search Behaviour

Most of the people who visit your site come from the search results. So, it is very important to study customer search behaviour.

This will help not only in strategising but also in creating content. Google Trends is a very useful tool in understanding the customer search behaviour.

You can also use Ubersuggest to study the search behaviours. is also a very good tool to study the local search behaviour of customers.


So, that was the list of only some of the areas you can add to your skills. There are many more. It is not a bad idea to be an all-rounder. In this age of fierce competition working hard on more areas than one is certainly useful. Keep learning.

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