Know How To Become A Digital Marketing Expert


With the evolution of laptops, tablets, and smartphones, it has become easy to access data at any time and from any place. The new generation, in particular, is extremely savvy when it comes to accessing information online. Due to this most of the businesses, today prefer to have an online presence in the form of websites and social media.

A website is like your 24-hour advertisement and the face of your organization online. Websites and social media have become great sources of generating leads and hence must not be ignored. But having a website is not enough. The website must be present in the top search results so that people may know about it. It must rank higher in the search engine results for people to know about it. Similarly, having a social media account does not do any good until it reaches the people for whom it is meant.

Hence, it is extremely important that there be a mechanism by which a business has means of reaching more and more prospects. All this has been made possible through digital marketing.

 What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the promotion of products and services through various digital means like website, email, smartphone, social media etc. A digital marketer is a person who is well versed in various digital marketing techniques and can carry out promotions using digital media.

As the digital means are becoming more and more popular among the people, the need for digital marketers is also growing. Hence, digital marketing has emerged as a very preferred career choice.

Importance of digital marketing these days

As discussed before, with more and more people turning to digital means for a large number of needs, digital media has emerged as a very important means of marketing. As such, a large majority of organizations are turning to digital media as an important marketing tool and allocating a substantial budget for digital marketing. It is affordable and effective targeting of the audience is possible. In fact, even the results are traceable making it easy to formulate strategies around the targeted audience.

With the increasing time and budget being spent on digital marketing, it goes without saying that there is a large demand for digital marketing professionals. In fact, the demand is much greater than there are professionals. As a result, a career in digital marketing is a very lucrative option today. Companies are on the lookout for well qualified and skilled digital marketers.

Let us discuss what it takes to become a digital marketer.

Skills needed in order to become a digital marketer

In order to become a digital marketer, it is very important to keep a track of latest technologies and advancements in the field of digital marketing. Also, one must have a great interest in digital marketing.

Another very important skill is creativity. You must be able to use the existing technology to your advantage. This can be done by developing innovative campaigns capable of attracting more and more people. Like any other marketer, you must be able to think out of the box.

Having a creative mind with good writing skills is definitely a plus. This will free you from the botheration of getting good content written by someone. A well-written website or social media content will definitely attract many people.

Also, it is important to have good analysis skills so that you do not blindly follow the market trends and are able to judge which strategy or platform is best suited for your requirements.

Qualifications required for becoming a digital marketer

Like any other career option, various online courses, regular classes, and certifications are available for becoming a digital marketer. Many universities offer degree and diploma courses in digital marketing.

Any graduate or even people with an MBA in marketing can apply for this course. Many universities also offer graduate programs in digital marketing.

Digital marketing is beneficial for – students, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, bloggers, youtube channel owners, start-ups, celebrities, Btech & MBA students, tech-savvy people, social media enthusiasts, and freelancers. Hence, these form the major chunk of digital marketers.

Google being the most used search engine offers various certifications which really increase your chances of employability. Some of them are:-

I  Adwords Search Certification

II Shopping Advertising Certification

III Youtube Video Certification

IV Mobile Advertising Certification

V  Adwords Display Certification

VI Google Analytics Certification

V Google Tag Manager Certification

Hubspot Certifications

Hubspot develops software for Inbound marketing and sales and offers various certifications.

I    Hubspot Academy’s Inbound Certification

II  Hubspot Content Marketing Certification

III Hubspot E-mail marketing certification


Bing is a search engine developed by Microsoft and offers certifications.

I Bing Ads Accredited Professional Certification

Why is a digital marketer important for an organization?

Now that we are aware that digital marketing is growing with growing use of internet and smartphones, tablets, and laptops etc., let’s have a look why a digital marketer is needed in an organization.

The top officials are very busy so a digital marketer can study the various online trends and apprise the top officials accordingly so that they are able to take the required action and formulate the marketing strategies. Also, digital marketing is low cost wise as compared to traditional marketing. A digital marketer can help in targeting customers who are appropriate for the company’s product or services rather than reaching all the people who are not concerned with the product. For eg. reaching women for a men’s fairness cream is not appropriate so in a digital marketing campaign, only males may be targeted.

Digital marketing scope and specializations

Before we talk about specialization we must know what is the scope of digital marketing. The different forms of digital marketing are:-

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) 

There is no use of having a website if no one visits it and for that, it is very important that the website ranks higher in the search engine results, more precisely, the organic results.

An SEO expert helps in ranking the website higher in the search results for certain keywords.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is the paid form of marketing including Pay per click and CPC in which advertisements are displayed on the top, bottom etc. and the advertiser pays only when a user clicks the advert.

An SEM specialist is an expert in the PPC(Pay per click), CPM (Cost per thousand)

etc. which are forms of paid searches.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing involves creating effective content which is able to engage the people and turn them into customers. Thus, a content marketing specialist is responsible for formulating content marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing

Today a majority of people use one social media platform or other. Hence, social media has emerged as a very important platform for promoting products.

A social media marketing specialist has the knowledge of various social media platforms and marketing techniques and contributes by implementing various ideas and sharing pictures and videos.

Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate marketer promotes other products on his website or blog and gets a commission in return.

Email Marketing 

Email marketing involves the use of emails to promote a product or service. Emails must be personalized, impressive with an appropriate call to action. An email marketing expert is responsible for carrying out email marketing campaigns.

 Although experts specializing in different fields are available most companies prefer to employ generalists known as Digital Marketers. They are all-rounders and have in-depth knowledge of all the aspects of digital marketing discovered above.

 Job growth of a digital marketer

Just like any other job, digital marketing also offers a complete carrier path. The job growth opportunities are ample for the right candidate.

An example of the carrier ladder could be the following:

  1. Digital Marketing Analyst – 0-1 year experience
  2. Digital Marketing Specialist / Expert- 1-3 years experience
  3. Digital Marketing Team Lead / Asst Manager – 3-5 years experience
  4. Digital Marketing Manager – 5 years experience
  5. Digital Marketing Strategist – 8 years experience
  6. Chief Marketing Officer – 10 years and above years experience


A brief on the pay scale of a digital marketer

 Digital Marketing is not only one of the most sought-after carrier today but also one of the most handsomely paid too.

Digital marketing is really catching on. This can be ascertained from the number of jobs being posted on various job portals. alone contains 35000 jobs for Content Marketing while contains 62000 and 18540. Likewise, contains 37000 Digital Marketing Sales jobs. The figures for Timesjobs and are 13000 and 8865. Thus, there is a great demand both for digital marketers.

The income varies according to the experience and qualification. Given below are some approximate figures for the salary offered for different positions.

  1. Digital Marketing Manager – 4 lakhs to 10 lakhs
  2. SEO Manager – 3 Lakhs to 7 lakhs
  3. SEM/PPC Expert – 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs
  4. Web developer/designer – 3 to 6 lakhs
  5. Social Media Manager – 3.5 to 7 lakhs
  6. Content Writer – 2.5 to 5 lakhs


In this age of information technology, people are becoming inclined to smartphones and the internet. Hence, digital marketing is really becoming important and opting for digital marketing as a carrier option will surely pay off.

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