How Digital marketing is 200% better career option than other courses?

In a country like ours, education is very crucial to both the middle and upper middle class. Parents are ready to invest a lot in education so that their children can have a decent career. Hence, career choice is one of the most important decisions of every person’s life. With a plethora of options available these days, it is in fact really difficult to choose which career path to pursue. While all the traditional career alternatives exist, a new option has emerged called DIGITAL MARKETING.

Digital Marketing has come up as a very promising career alternative and gaining popularity with each passing day. So, what is digital marketing?

With the popularity of the Internet, it is but obvious that companies want to reach prospective customers using the internet. Digital Marketing is the marketing of the products and services on digital media like the Internet, smartphone and more.

Let us now find how a career in digital marketing is a very lucrative or 200% better option than the other career options.

1.The absence of any prerequisite qualifications makes it an easy to pursue option

Most of the traditional courses require some or the other prerequisite for pursuing a degree, for eg, a bachelor’s degree with a certain percentage in a particular stream is must for pursuing a master’s degree. Besides this, you also require to clear entrance examination. Even if you clear the examination, you need to invest at least two years to complete the course. Then, a good internship is required to kick-start your career.

Unlike other traditional courses, there is no prerequisite qualification for pursuing digital marketing courses. Being a non-technical course, people from any educational background can pursue digital marketing. The only requirement is that one has to more internet savvy. Thus, digital marketing is open to all and easy to pursue.

2.Pocket-friendly and can be learned in a short time span

The digital marketing courses are not only in the trend but also quite affordable. This makes digital marketing an obvious choice over the traditional courses. Another very important advantage of pursuing Digital Marketing is that it can be completed in a short span as compared to the traditional courses. Thus, you can start earning early as compared to other courses.

3.Demand for digital marketing professionals is on the rise


Digital Marketing being a comparatively new career option, there is a huge gap in the demand and supply. The demand for digital marketers is on the rise as more and more organizations are turning to digital media in order to promote their products and services. Both smaller and big organizations can use digital marketing in some form or other and hence there is a great demand for digital marketers. This demand is expected to grow in the near future. So, pursuing digital marketing rather than traditional courses is not a bad decision.

You can even start a career from the time you are studying and start gaining experience which could go a long way in landing you the right job. Since both smaller and bigger organizations can opt for digital marketing, this makes the market for digital marketing very large hence increasing the demand for digital marketing professionals.

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4.Gives you the opportunity to work at your convenience

Being a digital marketer gives you the independence of setting up your work schedule according to your own convenience and pace provided you are able to meet the deadlines. This is something that a regular job can’t offer. The key is being organized and knowing your job well. Traditional courses offer no such flexibility in working.

If you are organized, you can easily work from home as the job requires working on the internet.

5.Can land you a well paying job as compared to other courses

A Digital Marketer today is no less paid than other professionals if he has the right skills. Digital Marketing has emerged as a very high paying career option. This is so because as more and more people engage in the internet, the reach of digital marketing is increasing. You can target your audiences with digital marketing better resulting in higher sales. Thus, if you have the right skills and know your job well, salary is not a constrained. There is a huge gap between demand and supply of digital marketers making it a sought-after career option and that too, a well paying one. Today both big and small companies are opting for digital marketing hence with the right skills you can earn handsomely.

6.Opportunity to freelance or start your own undertaking

Digital Marketing gives the option to freelance or become an entrepreneur and launch your own business. There are ample opportunities available in digital marketing to freelance as there is a dearth of digital marketing professionals. You can add to your skills by clearing the various online examinations like Google and Hubspot certifications. A little bit of personal branding like starting your own blog or having your own website can do wonders for you.

You can also start your own business as soon as you finish your course, unlike other courses where you require some working experience.

7.Traditional courses do not offer up to date curriculum

Traditional courses do not update their curriculum as the market changes. They keep on teaching the same old curriculum. As a result, the students are not market ready. On the other hand, you have to keep on updating yourself with the latest trends in digital marketing if you intend to stay in the race. There are various means of updating oneself like the certification examinations. Thus, with digital marketing, you can stay updated with the latest happenings in the field.

8.Gives you an edge over other candidates and the opportunity to grow

Digital Marketing skills definitely add weightage to your resume as these skills are very much in demand these days. The demand for digital marketing experts is going to rise in the near future as companies are gradually turning towards digital marketing as it provides a better means of increasing sales and generating leads than traditional marketing. Hence, digital marketing provides ample opportunities to grow in any organization.

 9.Freedom from 9 to 5 office culture

Digital Marketing gives you the freedom to work from home or any place you like because the nature of work that digital marketing provides. You don’t need to attend a regular 9 to 5 office and work from home at your convenience as far as your employer allows you to do so. The work of digital marketing is mainly concerned with the internet as a result work from home can be done easily.

10.Can be called a smaller version of MBA with many specializations

These days MBA is very popular among students for getting a well-paying job. But getting into MBA requires clearing entrance examinations. Moreover, it is costly and takes two years for completion. Even when you have an MBA degree, finding a suitable job is also a cumbersome task. Digital Marketing, on the other hand, is very affordable and takes less time to complete. One can also start working even when one is learning.

Digital Marketing offers numerous streams like an MBA program that one can choose from viz SEO specialist, Social Media specialist, SEM/PPC specialist, Content Marketer etc. In a way, Digital Marketing is like a worked down MBA as it is all about making people buy the offered products and services.

11.Has become the must-have qualification for MBA grads

MBA is considered one of the most sought-after career options. An MBA from a top business school can fetch very good salary but in the present scenario having an MBA degree is not enough. One has to acquire digital marketing knowledge as well in order to survive. People from all age groups have started using the internet in one form or the other. Hence, the internet has become a very important medium for advertising purpose. So, even MBA graduates need to have an understanding of digital marketing.

12.Creating a workforce ready for future challenges

More than one – fourth of the world’s population uses the internet and this number is on the rise. This, itself shows how the internet is becoming a very important medium to reach consumers. So, in order to utilize this medium fully trained workforce is required. Also, the internet revolution is here to stay so this is the right time to get digital marketing skills and become future ready.

Final Words

Digital Marketing has emerged as a very lucrative career option with a success rate much higher than other courses. If you want to become a digital marketing expert you could do so on your own by self-study. The other options could be attending a digital marketing course or an MBA in digital marketing. There are many certifications available for Digital Marketing and having one will surely be a feather in the cap.

Also, as the use of the internet is increasing a career in Digital Marketing is secured and also future ready. It is making oneself ready for the challenges that marketers may face in the future. So, investing your time in learning Digital Marketing skill is a step in the right direction.




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