How digital market can help startup cope with the competition

How digital marketing can help startups cope with the competition

Startups are generally based on novel ideas. The most important requirements of any startup are funds and making a place for itself in the vast market which is generally dominated by the large corporate sector and even smaller organizations dealing in the same product or service. The only way to survive and create a niche for oneself is through marketing.

Digital marketing can help startups to stand out from the competition in the best way.

While traditional marketing is still carried out, gradually companies are investing large amounts in digital marketing and digital marketing training. Digital marketing is gradually gaining momentum and has become a sine qua non.

Digital marketing is basically marketing which makes use of digital means like the internet and mobile phones etc. in order to reach the potential customers. It not only helps to reach a wide audience in no time but also targets a niche audience for a product or service.

Also, it is a cost-effective medium. As a result, it becomes an ideal choice for startups as there is a paucity of funds with many and it is a way to reach many people quickly.

Benefits of digital marketing for startups

Digital marketing for startup - DML

Since, the market is flooded with organizations and there is cut-throat competition, it is essential to have a sound marketing strategy in order to cope with the competition.

Let me explain to you some of the uses of digital marketing for startups.

1. Positioning the brand has become easier

As discussed above, through digital marketing niche customers can be targeted. It is also easy to position the brand with the help of digital marketing. Once you have decided which market segment to target, you can formulate strategies targeting that niche and reach them with the help of digital marketing.

2. Calculating the ROI 

The analytics provided in the digital marketing campaigns help you measure the ROI easily. You can also find the number of customers reached and their activities. All this data can be used for formulating further digital marketing strategies.

3. Getting customers’ attention

Digital marketing is an excellent medium for reaching out to the target audience and formulating strategies that can hold their interest. This can be done through campaigns on Social Media and Google etc.

4. Catering to different target customers 

The target customers identified may belong to different market segments. It may be difficult to formulate campaigns in traditional marketing to cater to the needs of all the customers but this can be done easily by digital marketing.

A look at the means of digital marketing

Various ways of digital marketing - dml

Digital marketing can be done using different tools. Let’s have a look at the means of performing digital marketing:

1. Email marketing campaign 

Many people think that people are no longer interested in e-mailers but the fact remains that the people still use email marketing techniques and e-mailers designed well can hold their attention. You can create emails surrounding the benefits of your product or service. Try not to use technical jargon which would not be able to engage the audiences. Instead, the emails must be captivating enough with crisp matter and benefits which will interest the audiences.

2. Social Media Campaigns

These days a large number of people from all age groups use one social media platform or the other. Hence, social media is a very important medium for marketing. Even you will find lot of online social media courses to design various type of campaigns over it. The social media platform to be used depends on the target audience. Eg. Facebook is vastly used by people from all age groups while LinkedIn is used mainly by the professionals. So, it is important to choose your platforms and design attractive campaigns which are able to engage the audience.

3. Pay per click

PPC (Google Adwords) is also a great way to market your product and services. The ROI is very high as you pay only when someone clicks and the majority of the times only those interested will click on the advertisement. The traffic in such a campaign is highly relevant as the ad appears in response to the query typed by the customer. This is the reason why the ROI is higher in such a campaign. You can also monitor the traffic through analytics.

 4. Conducting SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the technique of improving the ranking of the website in the organic search engine results.

Suppose you create a website for your organization but perform no SEO, your website does not rank in the search engine results so the purpose of creating a website is completely defeated. A website is meant to represent your organization online and way of informing the people about your product and services. So, it is important that it ranks high in the search engine rankings. This is made possible by employing techniques known as Search Engine Optimisation. This is particularly important for startups as they have to build their customer base.

5. Have a content strategy  

In spite of great graphics your product is not catching on, then there is a possibility that the content is not able to impress the audience. It is very important to have a content strategy because if the content is not good, the presentation however attractive will not engross the audience. The content must be effective and SEO friendly.

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6. Influencer Marketing can really help

influencer marketing can help to grow your marketing  

Even if you have great content and graphics, Influencer marketing can give your startup the much-needed Influencers are people who have many followers on the Internet and are likely to influence a lot of people if they speak or write about the product.

 7. Taking advantage of Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle marketing means providing customers with experiences they would like and eventually leading to a sale. It consists of three phases viz. attract, sell and wow. Chatbots are an excellent example of lifestyle marketing. They are available to the visitors 24*7 and help the customers have a great shopping experience.

The first phase is to attract the customers and encourage them to buy the product. Once they buy the product following up and adding more value to it which would make the customers become loyal to your product.

8. Video as a means of advertising

People find it more convenient to watch a video rather than reading the content and so people are more attracted to videos than content alone. Videos are a great means of advertising and their use is increasing on the internet day by day.

9. Contests and prizes 

Organising contests online and offering attractive prizes will definitely increase the traffic to your website. You should make sure that once a user reaches your website he is enticed to buy some of your products or services along with participating in the contest.

10. Attractive pop-ups on landing pages  

Once users have landed on the website, they must be provided with attractively designed pop-ups so that they may provide their contact details.

11. Retargeting ads can do the trick

Once a customer is landed on a website, cookies are placed on the web browser. Then, as he visits other websites these cookies notify the re-targeting platform and ads connected to your startup website are placed on that website. This helps a lot in generating leads.

12. Using Viral Marketing

Creating content that has the potential of going viral can be of great use as it can reach a lot of people within no time. As a result, there is increased traffic to the website with many conversions.

 13. Affiliate marketing to bring in traffic

know the benefits of affiliate marketing

In Affiliate marketing, another person shares your links on his website and social media in order to reach more people. You can monitor the traffic you are receiving through Affiliate marketing. People carrying out Affiliate marketing can be paid either a commission depending on the leads generated or a fixed amount per product.

 14. Mobile ready marketing

Most people these days use their mobile phones to browse the internet. As such, the strategy should revolve around the mobile phones. Also, your website must be responsive and show well on the mobile phones.

15. Native advertisements

Native ads do not look like ads but as a regular part of the website or social media content. You can make out a native advertisement by the words like Suggested Post or Recommended for You. They are a great way to attract traffic to your website.

16. Personalized content/ Account Based Marketing and Voice Searches

Creating personalized content is really essential these days to maintain the customers’ interest in your products and website. Account-based marketing means to create content that is specific to certain businesses in order to attract them.

Moreover, as more and more people have begun to use voice search, such long tail keywords may be used in the content.

17. Big Data Analytics

These days, companies are also using Big Data insights to plan their marketing campaign.

18. Blog and YouTube

Besides the above-mentioned tactics, having a company blog and a YouTube channel is also a great idea.


Digital Marketing thus provides vast avenues to reach your targeted audience. It can help reach a lot of potential customers and generate leads. And If you have the startup, then learning & becoming a Digital Marketing Expert is not a bad choice as it anyways use to come now or after.

Although many digital marketing tactics have been discussed above, it is not possible to use all of them. One must design a marketing strategy that uses as many tactics as are required to reach the targeted audience. Another great advantage of digital marketing is that it is easily measurable.

Thus, digital marketing can really prove to be a boon for your new startup if carried out in the right manner and can help your startup cope up with the competition and carve a niche for itself.

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